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We offer protection for your house and property against termites with our best Termite Inspection and Treatment Service in Carnegie. Our Termite Inspection Carnegie team eradicates any level of termite infestation with these three steps: a home inspection to find termites, to eliminate existing termites, and a termite control program to effectively monitor and protect potential termite problems. Our pest and termite control professionals have extensive expertise in controlling termite outbreaks in Carnegie and nearby suburbs.

Where Do We Look For Termite Inspections?

There are several places of termites that our Termite Inspection Carnegie team will find out with an inspection. However, the kind of inspection needed for your home will depend on the condition of your home. Here are some of the examples of the areas we will check during inspection:

Inspection of wall paints: Paint might blister or chip if you have underground termites. These insects are destroying plasterboard allowing humidity and air to penetrate underneath the paint and the surfaces. As a result, the humidity beneath the layer of paint may begin to buckle. Please remember that your paintwork could swell for a variety of causes, so it isn’t a clear indicator of termite infestation.

A termite inspection in the woods: Termites in the wild are famously hard to detect. If you happen to come across one in your house, be sure you can identify it besides an ant. Operators, fighters, and reproductives are the 3 separate categories of subterranean termites. These groupings all have a pearly white look.

Muddy Tubes Inspection In Your Home: Mud tunnels are an unmistakable indication of subterranean termites, but their disappearance does not automatically entail that you are termite-free. You might potentially have subterranean termites, and keep in mind that dry wood termites don’t even build mud tunnels.

Inspection Around The Wood: If you tap on your timber and it seems empty, you’ve got a termite infestation. Termites cause significant harm to your wood’s solitary, causing them to wrinkled or squashed. You can use a hammer to disclose any fractures in the hardwood.

What Do We Have For The Termite Inspections In The Best Ways

With our years in Termite Inspection Carnegie service, we understand the requirements of a full-fledged Termite Inspection Service. We carry the following things for Termite Inspection:

  • Good Torch: It is very necessary for searching in the dark corners because we find main termite colonies in the hidden areas of a property. 
  • Moisture Meter: Termites find it easy to grow in a damp environment. We carry a moisture meter to check the moisture level so that we can guess the targeted areas by termites. 
  • Donger: The multi-faceted design of the donger makes it an effective tool for termite inspections. It may seem like a basic technology, but using it is very useful for visual termite and timber pest inspections.
  • Picker: It is a device to lift termites safely for checking and confirmation. We know that some pests may look like termites, so confirmation is very necessary. 

Termite Inspection Checklist – Residential Termite Control

Termite inspection services are the most important part of termite control, barrier setting, and timber protection process. Our termite inspectors will help you in deciding the termite affected areas on your property and also recommend a suitable solution for their treatment. However, you can keep a check on these points to save your property against termites at your level. 

  • Remove rotting wood
  • Maintain active ventilation
  • Replace building stumps
  • Check plumbing and fittings
  • Remove unnecessary wooden items
  • Seal entry points
  • Avoid clutter in the garden
  • Identify abnormalities

Top Reasons To Choose Us For Termite Inspection Service In Carnegie

From booking to the end of the Termite Inspection Carnegie service, you will see so many things that you may not find in other termite inspection and pest control companies. We provide our customers with many reasons for choosing us and some of them are:

  • Updated Termite Inspection Tools And Services
  • Various Modern Tools For Full(underground and above-ground) Inspection
  • 30 Years In Business  
  • Dedication To Service 
  • Satisfaction On Priority
  • Services Carnegie-Wide  
  • Quality Services 
  • Competitive Pricing
  • 24/7 Service 
  • New Termite Inspection Van
  • Professional And Certified Technicians


How common are termites in Carnegie?

In research, it has been found that 70% of houses in Carnegie have faced termites more than once. We have seen many dangerous termite cases in Carnegie houses. 

Is a termite inspection worth it?

Yes, a termite inspection is worth it. It helps to find the termite colonies in the hidden corners. You can not reach each colony without the modern termite inspection tools that we own.

Do termites live near saltwater?

Termites can not survive near saltwater. Even salt and water solution is used for termite eradication.

How important is termite inspection when buying a house?

You may think that the new house has no risk of termites but it is not true. It is very important to get a termite inspection when buying a house. This will give surety that you are buying a good house, and, if required, you can also take action for termite control.