Can Ticks Transmit Disease to Cats?

Can Ticks Transmit Disease to Cats?

If your cat is feeling a loss of appetite, fever, and stiff joints then these are the signs of a tick bite. Ticks need an animal’s blood to feed on. There are different stages of development for ticks, starting from larvae to adulthood. They need blood for nourishment so that the young ticks can be developed.

If you are a parent of a cat, then it becomes your responsibility to make sure that your fur baby is prevented by tick extermination/pest control

from any disease transmitted to them by ticks. These parasites can spread the disease to your cats within some days, weeks, or months. So it is good to keep them aside by tick Elimination method and Pest control spraying. You will notice this after finding the symptoms of the infection on their skin.

Guide of some diseases and their remedies:-

1. Lyme disease

This is one of the most common diseases. It can affect cats, dogs, and humans too. The deer ticks and the western black-legged tick are some ticks that transfer the diseases to your cat. They can infect your cat in more than 48 hours. The signs of this disease are lameness, swollen joints, swollen lymph nodes, fever, and decreased hunger.

2.Haemobartonellosis illness

This disease is also known as feline infectious anemia. It is transmitted to your cat by both ticks and fleas. Their main target is the red blood cells of their host. The symptoms of this disease include sudden fever, weakness, less appetite. The gums of your cat will also turn purple/white or pale if they are suffering from this disease. The lone star tick is only responsible for this illness.

3. Babesiosis (Piroplasmosis)

Cats can get infected with this disease when an infected tick transfers protozoa parasites to them. These parasites will also go after red blood cells. The signs involve depression, pale gums, dark colour of urine, fever with swollen lymph nodes. It can be so dangerous for your cat that it can even fall unconscious and go into shock. You can treat this with a prescribed drug called primaquine phosphate. It will kill the protozoa parasites that are infecting your cat. There is not any vaccine available.


Rabbit fever is another name of this disease. Several ticks such as lone star tick, American dog tick, and wood tick transmit this disease in cats. It can affect more felines and can create signs such as high fever, swollen lymph nodes, and nasal discharge.

The ways of preventing tick-borne disease in cats

The easy solution to stop cats from experiencing ticks at all. But that is not easy when not only the cats but the dogs and humans’ housemates are also bringing them inside your home. You can check for the ticks in your cat’s fur to keep them healthy. You can do this every day or two from April till September which is the peak season of ticks. You can also consult your vet and can get treatments like collars and topicals solutions. 

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